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Fastbraces® at Officer Dental Care

Fastbraces OfficerWould you like to align your smile effectively, affordably and quickly? With Fastbraces, you can! This orthodontic method uses a high bracket system that works to mobilise the teeth roots towards their final positions from your first appointment.

The technique used to accomplish this is torquing, which provides excellent results with less sensitivity in just a few weeks or months. At Officer Dental Care in Officer, we can provide you with an individualised Fastbraces treatment plan to meet your specific smile goals.

Tooth Concerns Fastbraces Can Address

Thanks to Fastbraces, a range of issues pertaining to improperly erupted teeth can be corrected. These include

  • Crossbite
  • High canines
  • Open bite
  • Overbite
  • Severe Crowding
  • Spacing

How Does It Work?

By combining state-of-the-art techniques, a patented triangular brace design, and a distinctive heat-activated wire, Fastbraces allows general dentists and specialist orthodontists to provide effective and comprehensive non-extraction treatment for patients.

The first step in getting Fastbraces is your dentist taking photographs and radiographs of your teeth to determine the best plan for your needs. The braces then will be specifically designed to meet your unique needs.

The Benefits of Fastbraces

When you choose Fastbraces, you’ll enjoy an array of fantastic benefits:

Quicker results – Unlike conventional braces, Fastbraces provides quicker results. It’s also a less-invasive orthodontic method that doesn’t require extraction.

Time-tested reliability – Used for over 20 years, Fastbraces has an excellent track record of being a safe and reliable system of correcting teeth that haven’t appropriately erupted.

Immediate root movement – Unlike conventional braces, Fastbraces starts working straightaway, making it a faster teeth alignment method.

Preserves natural bite – With Fastbraces, your natural bite won’t be affected so you will be able to chew comfortably and close your mouth.

Affordability – Compared to other teeth straightening alternatives, the Fastbraces system is highly affordable, making it ideal for those who have a limited budget to spend on orthodontic care.

Less resorption – Compared to traditional braces, Fastbraces causes less bone resorption.

Uses only one wire – As the Fastbraces method uses just one wire, it’s a more comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces that require the use of numerous wires and brackets. And because only one wire is used, Fastbraces is a more aesthetically pleasing orthodontic option.


How long does treatment take?

As every person’s orthodontic needs will be different, treatment with Fastbraces can vary from individual to individual. The typical treatment time, however, is 3 to 12 months. After examining your mouth during your initial consultation, your dentist will let you know long you may need to wear Fastbraces.

Is Fastbraces uncomfortable?

While you may experience some discomfort and tenderness while wearing Fastbraces, this orthodontic option is more comfortable than conventional braces because the tooth and root move simultaneously.

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