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Colouring In

Check out our fun colouring in sheets! You can colour them however you like. Then print them off and bring them with you when you come to the dentist. Or you can take a picture of your artwork and share it on our social media. We love seeing kids’ artwork! If you need help with printing or sharing photos, ask a parent or carer–they might even want to colour in a sheet of their own!

Click on an image to download.

coloring tooth
coloring dental kids


Get permission from a grown-up to find some small white ceramic tiles–some places to find them are building sites, tile stores, or from family or friends who are remodelling. These tiles are like teeth.

Next, get a variety of foods to smear on the tiles. Some fun choices are

  • grape jam
  • tomato sauce
  • syrup
  • peanut butter
  • chocolate

Leave the food on the tiles for a little while.

Brush the tile “teeth” with toothbrushes and real toothpaste. Which tiles are stained?

How to Find Out More

We can’t wait to help you learn more about oral health!

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