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Meet Kerry & The Team At Officer Dental Care

I grew up near Melbourne. When I got old enough, I became a dental assistant. I loved working with dentists to help people have healthy teeth, so I went to college to learn about Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy.

I like to help kids and grown-ups keep healthy smiles for their whole lives. I travel all around the world, helping kids in lots of countries get healthier teeth and smiles.

Do you like dancing? I love dancing! And so does my husband, David. We have a baby named Chloe, who we like to play with when I’m not at work.

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Here are some other friendly faces you might see at our practice:

Dr Inoka loves playing with her two kids.

Dr Dumi Medagoda

Dr Dumi enjoys spending time with his family and exploring things to do in Officer.

Geetha Elangovan, Dentist

Dr Geethapriya makes fancy cakes and plays badminton (but not at the same time!).

Dr Daniel Kim

Dr Daniel writes and plays his own music. He also wants to have many pets, because he loves animals.

Dr Amit

Amit loves coffee! He also enjoys being outdoors with his family.

How to Find Out More

If you have other questions about visiting the dentist, you can ask your parent or carer to contact our practice!

Meet Kerry Officer Dental Care | 03 8608 7974